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Workplace coaching

A group of people that work together or that wants to get together for a collective challenge can benefit from this workplace coaching. The goals are to:

  • improve cooperation and strengthen personal growth
  • promote motivation and initiative
  • strengthen leadership
  • develop constructive ways to handle conflict
  • prevent destructiveness (passivity, negativity, gossip, bullying, power games etc.)

Workplace coaching courses are based on the Conscientia method view of persons. The aim is to consider problems as a phenomenon, investigate this phenomenon, and bring awareness to possible attitudes and intentions that may be behind the problem behavior, without focusing on single individuals. Each person thinks about the topic of conversation within themselves without feeling threatened to be singled out or accused. Self-awareness only happens with acceptance.

Finally, practical solutions are planned out so that the problem may be facilitated or solved through collective decision making. Frequently, the person that is acting destructively finds it hard to become aware of his or her role in the problem; therefore, it is important that co-workers develop their own solutions to the problem with a constructive attitude. Only good can cure evil.

Work training is a process: there are three to six meetings per term, and each meeting lasts about three hours. Results of the process are evaluated periodically. The method has been effective in schools, health care and cooperative organizations.