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Testimonials by Course Participants

Kalmar, 2008-10-14

  • Everyone should have the opportunity to take this course!

Tylösand, 2007-05-30

  • Many good, concrete examples.
  • Made one think in a different way.

Stockholm, 2007-02-22

  • The best part of the course is that we got tips on how to handle situations most effectively.
  • Focused and clear.
  • Deep, but also concrete and understandable.
  • Increased my self-awareness, how I/others act during meetings.
  • Well paced, time for reflection.
  • Fantastically good speaker.
  • More schools need this workshop.

How to handle anger and malice?

Malmö, 2008-10-13

  • Every single workplace, employees and supervisors should watch this lecture.
  • Gets one thinking. Get one to understand others. Get one to see oneself in a different way.
  • More people should watch this lecture. Everyone should get the chance to think deeper.
  • Concrete examples given so that we could understand what the lecturer meant. Good that the course material was handed out before the date, so we could read ahead and prepare ourselves, as well having the chance to write less and listen more during the lecture.

Göteborg, 2008-10-13

  • Engaging topic and very entertaining speaker.
  • Should be offered at every workplace to make co-workers aware about everyone’s responsibility in creating a good work environment.
  • I became aware of mine and other peoples’ inhibitions.
  • Nothing to add, nothing to subtract. Perfect!

Norrköping, 2007-02-15

  • Knowledge in self-awareness.
  • Tool on how to deal with other people, valuable knowledge.
  • Everyone that works with people should have this valuable knowledge in order to work better with others.

Piteå, 2006-10-25

  • I left with many important ideas to think further about, both as a teacher and as a parent, to continue work on reaching a balance. Good that we received a summarizing booklet that we can refer to later.
  • The speaker was very good at coming up with examples that made everything much easier to understand.
  • Very interesting – very useful knowledge to apply to both work life and personal life.

Luleå, 2006-10-26

  • The best about the course is that we get food for thought how to handle students and putting oneself in other people’s shoes
  • I got confirmation about my “being”. Simula has developed and put words to my thoughts, and I feel calm and a new strong curiosity about working/searching further with this important life.

Stress and Burnout

Ekenäs, 2004-09-29

  • The best about the course were the descriptive examples, as well as the empathic method of lecture. To understand these negative concepts and the knowledge about how important it is to stop fighting negative emotions, and let them exist as well.
  • I have gone through a difficult depression myself and come back to “life”. It was important for me to have heard again what is important to have a balanced life.

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