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Talk therapy

The Conscientia method of talk therapy has the same goals of psychoanalytic therapy, but with greater focus on specific problems. These specific problems may be phobias, fears, inhibitions or anxieties of different kinds.

Essentially, the method uses the Socratic (dialectical) method of dialogue to reach the clients’ goals and relieve them from their troubles. The dialogue is then guided through a 5-stage process* that was developed in collaboration with the Conscientia Association for treating different specific problems. The program is suitable for those who want to dig deeper into their own behaviors and understand what is hindering the individual from living a healthy and life-affirming life.

The therapist and client meet once a week to talk about current and underlying factors that contribute to the symptoms and problems the client is currently facing. Home work where the client is urged to contemplate their emotions and behavior in specific situations is a huge part of therapy. The therapist and client may sometimes practice together so that the client starts to overcome his or her fears in different anxiety-provoking situations.

*The 5-stage process was developed in collaboration with Conscientia Association and holds that people are their own agent that handles life’s joys and pains with an approach unique to the self, with freedom and responsibility. People are not just a product of their genes and their past. Self-awareness is the most important aspect of our being.