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Human beings are always in a social setting. This setting could be the family, the work place, school, a social movement, a cooperative enterprise, or the larger community. If this setting is unfair, oppressive, and highly competitive, it becomes difficult to experience motivation, happiness, and cooperation.

Sociotherapy means:

  • restructuring the organization, developing principles and rules
  • abolishing the mentality of punishment and competition, and promoting cooperation
  • stimulating self-fulfillment through good behavior and giving everyone a chance for self growth through self-awareness and greater expertise

An important ingredient is to gradually implement principles of direct democracy. This means that all important decisions are voted on by everyone, which is the opposite of representative democracy. This promotes participation, intuitive and fairness, and it is the most effective way to decrease power concentration to only a few people.

Sociotherapy developed by the Conscientia Association is used by the largest Latin American social movementís cooperative organizations.