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Psychoanalytic Therapy

The goal of psychoanalytic therapy is that the client become more accepting of his or her self-awareness, in order to face all of his or hers inner emotional and spiritual habits, values and intentions. The process leads to greater insight and stronger belief in ones own strengths, as well as more self-awareness about ones inhibitions.

The method is based on traditional Freudian psychoanalytical techniques. However, our view about human beings is quite different from Freudís views. We view people as their own agent that handles lifeís joys and pains with an approach unique to the self, with freedom and responsibility. People are not just a product of their genes and their past.

During the therapy session, the client brings up topics that he or she deems interesting for increasing the understanding of their self, usually difficulties and problematic emotional relationships. People say that man is his own enemy. At the same time, no one harms others consciously, and even less conscious is self-harm.

Therapy sessions are held at least once a week. The process ends when the client deems that the goals for the therapy have been met or if the client feels that the therapy effort is not worth the time and money.

Self-awareness is the most important aspect of our being. Each and every one of us needs to develop and exercise it as much as we do our bodies throughout life.