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The Conscientia method

The psycho-social-somatic aspects integrate a person:

  • The psychological includes the intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects.
  • The somatic aspect includes the physical and physiological activities.
  • The social structure includes close relationships, work relationships and the community.

About us human beings:

  • Everything we see in others exists within ourselves to some degree.
  • What we do to others, we do to ourselves in a psychological way.
  • Shortly, human being is her consciesness.
  • No one does something malignant without simultaneously denying conscieousness of her intentions.
  • Evil can only be healed with something good.

The method is used to handle:

  • Cooperation and relationships at work.
  • Lack of work/study motivation, concentration difficulties.
  • Strong emotions, such as anxiety, fear, anger and malice.
  • Stress, tension, high blood pressure, headaches, backaches, gastritis, etc.
  • Traumatic memories, denial, depression.
  • Substance use and abuse.
  • Difficulties with close relationships, personal growth.
  • Phobias and compulsive behaviors, such as fear of flying and stuttering.
  • Organizational development for more initiative and responsibility.
  • Strengthening of leadership initiatives.